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Dark Phoenix 2019 Dual Audio - Hindi
Category : Video Language : English
Size : 1,011.70 MB Upload Date : 2019-06-07
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During a salvage mission in space, Jean nearly kicked the bucket to be come to by a puzzling infinite power. When he returns home, this power has made her endlessly increasingly ground-breaking, yet in addition significantly more temperamental. While battling with the element that abides inside him, Jean releases his forces in manners he can not control or fathom. Jean falls into a winding crazy harming those she cherishes most and starts to annihilate the bonds that hold the X-Men together. While their family is self-destructing, they should figure out how to join together, not exclusively to spare Jean's spirit, yet in addition to spare the planet from outsiders who need to change this power into a weapon and overcome the world.
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